Marriage License

The Probate Court issues marriage licenses for Harris County.

NOTE: An excellent source of information about marriage licenses in Georgia can be found at Click “marriage license” tab on the left hand column of the home page.

We accept applications for marriage licenses Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.


In order to apply for a marriage license in Harris County, you must be 18 years of age except in special circumstances. A minor person 16 or 17 years of age may receive a marriage license if both of the minor’s parents residing in the household, or the parent with custody if the parents are legally separated or divorced, give written consent to the minor’s marriage in person at the time of the application

Blood tests are no longer required to get a marriage license in Georgia.

Both the bride and the groom must be present to obtain the license. Each person must also provide proper identification. Acceptable forms of identification include a certified copy of your birth certificate, driver’s license, a state ID card, a passport, an armed forces ID card, or a resident alien ID card. Only one form of ID is needed.

If either the bride or the groom is a Georgia resident, the license may be purchased in any county in Georgia. If neither the bride nor the groom is a resident of Georgia, the marriage license must be obtained in the county in which the marriage ceremony will be performed. The Georgia marriage license can only be used for marriage ceremonies that are performed in Georgia.

If either the bride or groom has been previously married and divorced, a copy of the final divorce decree must be provided for the court’s inspection. Make certain that it is the final divorce decree, not the agreement. The final divorce decree must be dated and signed by a judge.

If either the bride or groom has been married previously and the marriage was dissolved by death, please provide the death certificate.

Both bride and groom must know their parents’ full names and birthplaces. Full name for mother is her maiden (birth) last name. “Birthplace” means the city or county and state where each parent was born.

Georgia law requires each applicant to designate the legal last name (surname) he or she will use after marriage. The applicant may choose his or her present last name, his or her spouse’s last name, or a combination of the two.


  • Come to the Probate Court office in the Harris County Courthouse. We are on the ground floor of the Courthouse, Room 116.
  • You will show your identification to the Clerk and then fill out an Application for a Marriage License and an Application Supplement. Those forms must be neat and legible or they will not be accepted. Both forms must be given to the Clerk.
  • The fee for a marriage license is $66, but if you have taken an approved premarital education program, and offer proof of completion, the fees are reduced to $26. The fees that you pay for your license include the cost of a certified copy of the completed license once the ceremony has been performed. Probate Court accepts cash, money orders, and credit/debit cards in payment of fees.
  • Once you fill out the paperwork and pay your fee, your marriage license will be issued unless a problem arises. Filling out your forms and getting your marriage license usually takes around 10-30 minutes, depending on the number of people waiting for assistance.
  • The marriage license we issue to you will give a preacher or other appropriate official the authority to marry you. Once the marriage is performed, the completed marriage license (signed by the preacher or official) must be sent or brought back to our office within 30 days of the wedding. (The preacher or official usually sends it back.) Then, a marriage certificate will be prepared, showing that you are legally married. The marriage certificate will be mailed to you at the permanent address that you give us when you apply for your license.